About Us

Maruthi Motors was established in the year 1993 with a distinct philosophy- quest for the latest technologies to meet the diverse needs of the customers, relentless pursuit of targets and useful utilization of resources to achieve optimum results.

Maruthi Motors has from the beginning serviced the requirements of the customers all over India by manufacturing and supplying induction motor of various types and designs as per the stringent quality parameters, tailor made to suit their requirements.


Basic Design Features:

  • AC Induction TEFC, Voltage 240 & 415.
  • Frequency 50 Hz (Non standard voltage and Frequency on request)
  • Three Phase and Single Phase winding.
  • Insulation Class 'F' (Temperature rise limited to class 'B'), Class H on request.

Salient Constructional Features:

  • Casting and aluminum body frame, end shields, bearing shield are light weighted and it assures a fairly long years of utility. Shafts are made out EN8 steel and stainless steel, which are pressure die cast and dynamically balanced. Stator core pack is built from low loss electrical grade steel laminations.
  • The stator winding consists of polyster base insulated copper wire to give high conductivity and impregnated with synthetic resins to attain high die electric properties.Windings are tested on surge comparsion.

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